What better way to bring in the New Year, than with the start of a new chapter! And I’m sure you can tell by the cover, that it’s going to be quite a colorful adventure. Literally!

AM9 is only 6 months old, but we really value and appreciate the few readers that we do have. And in the new year, we plan to show our appreciation with more interaction, bonus-material offerings, etc. Many thanks for sticking with us! 😀

Lastly, since the next update won’t be until after the New Year, please allow me to wish you a Happy New Year now, and a pleasant 2017.

Oh, and on a tangent, as a pretty aggressive supporter of webcomics–you’ll probably notice me promoting them any chance I get. And I figure why not start now. As a fan of Mary Cagle’s Kiwi Blitz, I have no choice but to mention her other webcomic, Lets Speak English. It’s currently a Kickstarter which you can check out HERE.