And so we start the first Monday of 2017, with the first page of chapter 4.

There’s a lot of pink in Audrey’s room. And I just wanted to clarify something. As an adopted child, this is the room that Audrey was presented. She’s a thankful kid, that is just happy to have a roof over her head and food in her belly. But in a perfect world, she would own Miraculous Lady-Bug figurines,  LOTR books, Stranger Things, Star Wars, and  Avatar Korra posters, a lava lamp, and any other room color. But it will likely be a while before Tabitha and Jonathan know this about Audrey.

As I mentioned in the last update, I think I’d like to “try” promoting other webcomics that I like whenever I can. It’s likely that the stuff I present, many (maybe even most) of you will be familiar with. But for the ones that are not, it might be a pleasant and welcomed discovery. 😀  This week it will be Monsterkind, since I recently finished the first book. Monsterkind is about a guy named Wallace who is transferred to  a new district for work. It just so happens this new district is inhabited by monsters that are not all that pleased with his presence.