And so we start chapter 5. Last chapter was a bit creepy with the puppet show, the dancers, the M.C. and so on. Things get back to normal in this chapter. But there’s no shortage of chaos as Audrey learns more about herself and her new found friends…including her most recent find–STERK. Click the image below to see this week’s vote incentive.

Also, this week’s webcomic (promote) choice is a story called MONSIEUR CHARLATAN. It’s about a once celebrated detective who solved crimes in both Europe and the U.S. Unfortunately the Wall Street crash, coupled with his fiance leaving, left him heart broken, and well…financially broke too. And when you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go, but up. I was going to speak about another webcomic today, but I just got this in the mail. I was a little bummed out that the corner of the book was bent. But when I saw that the package was mailed from Greece, I figured for such a long journey, the condition of the book could have easily been much worse. Silver linings. 🙂