I imagined Nema trying to go all Super Saiyan to get her powers going, only to fail. In hindsight, if I had the chance to go back and do this page again, I would have incorporated one other DBZ homage. I would have added a lot of filler…or in this case extra panels. I think 2-5 panels of Nema totally struggling with extreme facial expressions would have really nailed her frustration with the situation. Maybe next time. 🙂

I’m trying to promote a different webcomic each week, because there are SO many good ones out there. And this week, I choose PLOX. I love this book because at one time I was a pretty avid gamer. I currently own an X-Box One and a WiiU, but the games I play are primarily single player adventures. Zelda, Batman, Pikmin, Bioshock, Mario, Skyrim, and games like those. I do also play multiplayer games like COD and Halo, but all of these types of games are pretty straight forward and can be done by yourself. In Plox though, it’s all about the guild, and playing with people  that each have a specific (and important) job on the battlefield. This was not something I was all that familiar with, which is why I took an interest in this webcomic. There’s much more to this story than that though. It’s all about the personalities and relationships that develop in that virtual world. Anyway, if you are unfamiliar with this webcomic and even remotely interested, you can check it out here: PLOX