I was looking over this week’s scheduled updates, and realized they have close to no dialogue. I don’t want to short the readers, so I figured I’d at least post something worthwhile in the “comments” area. So for today, I’ll discuss one of the many webcomics I’ve enjoyed. Recently Scott Sava’s Dreamland Chronicles came to an end after 14 long years? I can’t imagine the emotions experienced by creators and readers, that dedicated that many years into a journey–and have it come to an end. I assume there’s relief, joy, sadness, emptiness, and a host of other emotions involved. These are characters and stories that have entertained for years, and then one day it’s complete. I remember how I felt when Sarah Ellerton’s Phoenix Requiem ended (800 pages worth of updates). I was very happy with the story and the journey, but I had no idea that it would affect me the way that it did. It had become part of my weekly routine, in a good way. And when it ended, there was something of an unexpected void. I’m sure there were plenty of people that had a completely different reaction. But, this was my experience. I didn’t  have this experience with Dreamland Chronicles because life happens and for whatever reason it did not become a weekly visit for me. I did however, buy all of the available books, which offered a different, but enjoyable experience. 🙂