I’ve seen those live shows for kids like Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney the Dinosaur, Power Ranger, and so many more. And as a parent, though I may represent the minority here, I can say that these shows creep me out for some reason. Even if a miracle happened, and Audrey’s Magic 9 became some world wide phenomenon–I don’t think I would attend a live show. A live action movie or animated version, I would totally support and be into. But “AM9 on Ice” is something I would surely have to call in sick for. 😀

This week I’ll be promoting two different books by the same creator. These are very popular webcomics done by the same creator. So there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of them. Rather than focus on the stories though, I’ll instead provide links to each webcomic. I’d rather focus on the creator this go-round. These two stories are very robust! One is called A Redtail’s Dream (which has been completed and no longer updates) and the other is called Stand Still Stay Silent or SSSS. Anyway, the creator Minna Sundberg is a one-woman-army. She draws, colors, writes, letters, promotes, and wears every other hat available. For both series, she fluctuates between 4 and 5 pages per week of updates. At first I thought there was no way she could keep up that pace–especially at the great quality she produces. But I was obviously wrong, as she’s now been doing this for years, with no signs of slowing down. My guess is that she has a workshop of little elves helping her maintain the crazy pace. Anyway, for anyone not familiar with these titles and looking for a gorgeous, well written long-form story–search no further. There’s a lot to read, as even the books are an inch to two inches thick. 🙂