I have some pretty cool news share today. Some of you may have noticed the AM9 Amazon banner at the top of the page. The first Book for AM9 is available on Amazon and on our main site, for sale. It’s a hardback book that collects the first 4 chapters of the webcomic. As regular readers, some of you may be wondering why you would  purchase the book, when you can get it all here on the website for free. I completely understand if this is the case, and just hope that you continue returning every week for more. That said,  the book will contain four bonus stories that will only be available in the book. For those that can’t get a book, or simply are not interested, please know that these bonus stories are standalone and completely independent of the main webcomic story (and continuity). The book will also contain pin up art, and early character sketches. On Amazon the hardback book is just over 140 pages and retails for $14.95. I personally order a lot of books (and everything else tbh) on Amazon, and many of my purchases are based on reviews. So if anyone decides to order a book, I would be extra grateful to those willing to leave a review. If not, I completely understand. 🙂

If you decide to order directly from our site, you get the book (signed and sketched in) for $10 (plus shipping and handling). We’ll get the SHOP button up soon. But until then, you can get the book here:


If you scroll down, you can see the cover art, a YOUNG ASA bonus story page, and a pinup image from that book.