I was recently looking back through my sketchbooks from 2 years ago, when this story first came to fruition. And, I found a ton of terrible sketches and ideas, as I was trying to figure out the look and feel of the characters. Not a single puppet from early on, resembles what they eventually evolved into, before finalizing. Since we are currently on chapter 9 of 12, and several of the characters have been revealed, I figured  “Why not let others get a good chuckle too.”

Below you’ll see a few of the many Asa sketches I did. Originally Asa was supposed to be female…and apparently with no arms. I have no idea why. In the second sketch I guess I came to my senses and gave Asa arms–before changing her/his gender completely. In the last sketch he was a bit more bulbous, and with feet. He looked like a combination Nintendo’s Kirby  and Atari’s Dig-Dug (He kinda still does). Anyway…I do hope to put some of this material in the book. And I’ll surely post more of this kind of stuff in future updates. 😀