Here’s some random information for ya.  For the longest time I thought a muppet and a puppet were the same thing. I remember when I figured it out, I was delighted, with almost a sense of accomplishment. And that feeling was quickly followed up with embarrassment, after realizing it was something I should have already known. Doh!

This week’s webcomic promotion goes to a title by Robin Dempsey, called Ley Lines. I didn’t even know what ley lines were until I stumbled onto this webcomic. The story is about a nation leader named Koruval, whose wife mysteriously dies. Paranoid by the way she dies, Koruval tries to gather all of his children for fear that the same might happen to them. Unfortunately, this family is a bit dysfunctional, making Koruval’s task harder than he anticipated. This story touches on politics, spirituality, corruption, and much more. Robin, the creator does the art and writing, and the story updates 2-3 times a week. She and her husband have run 3 successful Kickstarters that I know of. And you can read the webcomic for free at the provided link, or buy the books from her site. So far I’ve only read the first of the three books. But I’ll get to the other two  as soon as I have some extra time. 🙂