As  a child of the 80’s there was no shortage of tv programs with a strong puppet base. As a kid, I totally loved them. But as an adult re-watching them for nostalgia, I have no idea how I did it. That’s the beauty of being a kid. Even when my kids were really small and I showed them these programs I grew up watching, they seemed to enjoy them as much as I did. They found enjoyment in The Great Space Coaster, Nickelodeon’s Pinwheel, Captain Kangaroo, Banana Splits, and others. I could barely make it through any of them, which is partly why I almost never watch or recommend television from my youth that I loved. It’s more fun for me to remember them fondly as I did then, than to revisit them and lose that feeling. That’s not to suggest the programs were bad. It’s just that I’m much older now and see things differently–like most other adults. 🙂