Lucky Charms commercial said it best! Pink hearts, Yellow moons, Orange stars, Green clovers, Blue diamond, and Purple horse shoes. And that is the vibe I get when I look at this page. 🙂

And in other news, here’s a random Kickstarter I stumbled upon. I normally only focus on other webcomics when it comes to promoting, but this one is a little different. While I’ve never heard of Life of the Party, I have heard of the creator. He’s the creator artist and writer of a webcomic I love called The Bean. It’s a fun fantasy story that I recommend to anyone. And as a fan of his webcomic, and other works, I’m thinking I might have to give this Kickstarter a try. He’s done several other very successful Kickstarters, and he always delivers. But if crowd-funding isn’t your thing, you might still check out the webcomic for a good read (if you’re not familiar with it, that is) In the image below, you can see some of the books. The books laying down are the standard floppy comic books of Bean. But he also sells them as graphic novels. The two books standing up are a couple of his no-webcomic stories that he Kickstarted. Great stuff.