What in the….? Audrey might just be a modern day Victor Frankenstein! It’s not everyday, you get to see an inanimate object come to life.

And on a different note,  starting October 1st, I’ll be participating in the annual Inktober Event. In case you have no idea what Inktober is, let me explain. Years ago an awesome artist named Jake Parker came up with the challenge for artists to post black and white (inked) art everyday for the month of October. The first year only a small number of artists participated. But every year since, that number has grown larger and larger. And now there are literally thousands of artists from around the world that participate and post new images for 31 days straight, every October. I usually marvel and drool over all of the awesome pieces I see, and decided I would give it a try this year. So if you want to see what I’m posting daily, feel free to click the “Instagram” button at the bottom left of the page starting on October 1st. I don’t post there very often, but if ever there was a reason to start, this one is it. Anyone interested can also participate. All you have to do, is the following:


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