I know a couple of people that have fallen down the stairs, and each one of them have since developed almost a phobia of stairs because of it. I wonder if there’s a scientific name for such a phobia. Regardless, it stinks. All phobias stink. Well…unless they save your life. Then it’s okay. πŸ˜€

On a side note, we finally got our “comments section” below up and running. So feel free to…well…comment. πŸ™‚

This week I’ve chosen The Oswald Chronicles as the webcomic I’d like to spotlight. Oswald is a long-formΒ  fantasy story that focuses on the journeys of a mouse named Oswald. Oswald is a scribe, possesses magic, and can speak.Β  How he is able to do such things is still a mystery, that the story slowly reveals through the many adventures he encounters. The story updates at the moment, five days a week. There are two hardback books available (as you can see below) that contain beautiful B/W fantasy art.