Poor poor Sterk. How far the mighty has fallen. And even worse, he had to endure that creepy bunch for quite some time. What Audrey got was only a taste in comparison to poor Sterk. It’ll take a while to shake those nightmares.

This week I chose Ava’s Demon as the webcomic I would like to expose you to. Considering it’s a very popular webcomic, I’m sure I’ll only really be exposing it to only a few new people. But it’s a good story and worth it. Without giving too much away, it’s about a girl named AVA, who has her own personal Demon trying to coax her into committing suicide. There’sĀ  (of course) so much more to this story than that though. And if you’re into collecting the physical books (like me), this one is a massive hardback, between and inch and a half and 2 inches thick. The art is painterly and and gorgeous, with a bunch of bonus material in the back. Anyway, give it a try if you’ve never heard of this webcomic. AVA’S DEMON