This was a sort of bittersweet page for me. Audrey spends most of her childhood in foster-homes, hoping for a family, and wondering about her biological parents. When she does finally learn about her mother, it turns out she is evil. But like most evil villains, Audrey’s mother was not always evil. And it’s this page that Audrey gets a glimpse of what her mother was like before she went to the dark side. Unfortunately, it’s a short lived and limited meeting.

Below are a couple more pages that demonstrate why I’m NOT the kind of artist that can just dive into a page and start drawing. I admire and envy those types. I have friends that can read a script and just start on the final pencils without laying out the page, or doing sketches, or anything. If I could do that, AM9 would have updated 5 days a week instead of three. 🙂